10 futuristic ideas for Christmas

Only one week before Christmas! Hopefully mydecolab is here for those who are running late or who are the less enthusiastic about Christmas over-stimulation... 

  1. The DIY Christmas tree

You don't have either time, neither money to spend on Christmas decoration? This Christmas tree is for you! You only need a few minutes, Scotch tape and paper garland. For the laziest, you can buy the hole set at Le Vestiaire de Jeanne

2. The eco-friendly Christmas tree

Another version of mural Christmas tree at Atypyk.

3.      Wood Christmas tree 

This futuristic Christmas tree only needs a few hangers from your wardrobe. This dynamic and mobile sculpture can be ornamented with colored garlands. It would give a flashy touch to your relatively sober artwork!


4.      Le Sapin culturel

Stucked in your studying for your final exams? Never mind, you can still build your Christmas tree with your class books!

5.      Christmas deer

Here is a flashy and glittery version at  Paperchase. So kitsch!

6.      Flashy Christmas 

Fed up with traditional green and red colors? Let's be inventive and use this flashy Christmas accessories.



7.      Clothespin Christmas crown 

Christmas crown entirely made of clothespin! Impressive..   @lilsugar

8.      Mural candles 

Create your own photophores with cans, wrap paper and string.


9.      The Christmas man

You also have a human version of Christmas tree. Unfortunately, your boyfriend won't be able to wear it this year, it is already sold out at deguisetoi.com

10.   Le Sapin-chien

Last but not least, dog's Christmas tree! My favorite one !


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