An amazing house build for £150

Building an entire house for less than £150? It is possible! Micheal Buch's house has been build almost exclusively with natural or waste material. He paid only £150 - around US$200 - to create this beautiful cottage right next to Oxford. This eco-friendly and functional home reminds us Gallic huts. Guided tour:

Wood-heating system, natural light only, walls painted with a mix of chalk and resin plant, water coming from a very near natural source, no electricity: difficult to be more eco-friendly!

The house is mainly made out of clay, straw and manure.

Floor, windows, everything has been salvaged.

Sober decoration, still very cosy though. 

The cottage even displays outdoor compost toilets

It took two years to Micheal Buck to build his house. He didn't use any electronic device to achieve it.  

Sober shapes and curves, which reminds of the most talented architects. Herebelow is the bubble house. 

Visian bubble house reminds of Buck's cottage interior. Contrary to Buck, Visian only used concrete and asked dozens of building workers to work on it. In addition, the ecological result is beyond compare. 

Source : The Telegraph, "Cob house built in Oxfordshire for £150 from earth, clay and straw"
© Michael Buck/NEWSTEAM