The most beautiful 'boudoirs' of the world

According to the dictionary, the French word 'boudoir' means: 'a sophisticated little room in which the hostess retreats to be alone or to discuss with close friends' or 'a place for intimate affairs and secret relationships'.
Not only am I really found of these boudoirs' style, but I also like its concept very much. Here is a list of my 6 favorite boudoirs in the world: 

  • Le Boudoir, Hong Kong 

As the name stands for it, Hong Kong's Boudoir is the boudoir. A little poky room with colorful tints and delicious cocktails… 

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  • Le Carmen, Paris

Le Carmen? It's a diffused light, heavy scarlet velvet curtains, small cherubs delicately playing on the walls and a lot of corners where Parisian nightlife secrets are whispered. Formerly owned by the famous composer Georges Bizet (which Opera explains the current name of the place), it could as well have been occupied by a beautiful and very courted actress of that time! 


  • Lan, Beijing

I tend to think that a boudoir has to be poky and cosy, nevertheless Philippe Starck managed to create a huge boudoir : The Lan Boudoir. 

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Don't miss the Lan's washroom! It is a boudoir in the boudoir. These washrooms are a variation of colored mirrors provided with 'Louis XVI' armchairs. This place truly invites you to settle your secret business. 

  • Le Baron, Paris 

This parisian nightclub is a true boudoir (I have been told that Le Baron used to be a brothel). Maybe its scandalous history contributes to make it a legendary boudoir. Appart from history, red lights, dark corners, little curtains and grand piano play a key role in creating this specific atmosphere.


  • Please don't tell, New York

Eventhough this place doesn't look like a boudoir at all, the atmosphere is clearly the same. 

First, you can access this bar only through a door inside the closest shop (prohibition vestige). Once inside, a subdued light and original decoration manage to create this mysterious impression, so typical of boudoirs. 


  • Tearooms

Some people would call tearooms - such as La Durée (Champs-Elysées) - or Miremont (Biarritz) - boudoirs, but I still think that those places are too lit and mingle to be authentic boudoir. 


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