Inside… Sacha Walckhoff’s apartment

Sacha Walckhoff’s apartment is undeniably one of a kind! Mixing artfully the Arabian Nights’ décor with a very pure Scandinavian design, the creative director of Christian Lacroix has managed to mix and match different styles beautifully. A quick guided tour:

Living Room

We love:
  • The painting inside the chimney;
  • The eclectic style and the feeling you’re in a (chic) bazar;
  • The big blue fan at the end of the room (by Maarten Baas).


Curiosity Cabinet style

We love:
  • The big Zebra;
  • The pyramid of books and magazine framing the entrance;
  • The eclectic style (again), in-between a design store and a curiosity cabinet.

The office

Office and art
Photo: Eric Morin
We love:
  • The big sculpture;
  • The black and white theme (with a touch of red);
  • The lines and curves.

We love:
  • The geometric pattern on the floor;
  • The pieces of art facing one another.


grey and orange bathroom
We love:
  • The grey background with orange details;
  • The chair;
  • The engraving of course!


a wall of frames
We love:
  • The eclectic style (still);
  • The shades of brown;
  • Art and photography.