10 Inspirational Ideas from Art Basel's Artists

The international art fair ‘Art Basel’ was in Hong Kong in May. An ecstatic moment for art lovers, but also an occasion to take a fresh look at objects around us. While exploring the fair, we selected 10 creations made with everyday objects, that we could reproduce at home…

1. Cassettes

Gregor Hildebrandt
Romy Schneider portrait, Plastic cassettes in wooden case.

2. Wooden Rulers

Ruler – Ni Youyu
Old-school wooden rulers, create modernity with ancient objects.

3. Brass Frames

Modulor – Nadia Kaabi-Linke
Brass frames on an anthracite grey wall to create an Art Deco effect.

4. Lampshades

Rose-Marie – Andrew Miller
Lampshades piled up around a neon to create an original column.

5. Crates

Caixa series – Sérgio Sister
Well-known by decoration lovers, crates are also exposed in famous art galleries.

6. Neons

Wenhua = Ziben (Culture = Commodity) – Alfredo Jaar
Writing + Light + Message + Color.

7. Wallpaper

Between Red – Sea Hyun Lee
Like a Jouy wall covering, customized with paint.

8. Photographs 

Yee I Lann – Each picture's caption engages the spectator into the scene.
Remove the decor to focus on the essence.

9. Polaroids

Yellow Sliding – Marco Maggi
A graphic work with colored and chiselled polaroids.

10. Adapters

Adapt Adapter 2 – Chen Sai Hua Kuan
Or how to take a new look at your adapters!