The BEST Paleo Chicken and Broccoli stir-fry with tender chicken breasts and Whole30 chicken stir-fry sauce. If you love my Paleo Beef with Broccoli then I guarantee you’ll fall in love with this sister version of the healthy Paleo Chicken and Broccoli recipe. Serve with a bowl of steamed rice for gluten-free meal, cauliflower rice, or lightly sautéed zucchini noodles for low carb healthy dinner !


For the chicken and seasonings:
1.5 chicken breasts, thin sliced
1 tbsp coconut aminos
1.5 tsp arrowroot powder
½ tsp baking soda
⅛ tsp black pepper + ¼ tsp coarse salt
2 tbsp olive oil
For the Stir-Fry Sauce:
2 tbsp coconut aminos
½ tsp toasted sesame oil
½ tsp aged balsamic vinegar
¼ tsp coarse salt
2 tbsp chicken stock
1 tsp arrowroot powder
4 large garlic cloves, thin sliced
1 tbsp fresh ginger, finely chopped
4 bulbs scallions, chopped and separate white + green parts
10 oz. broccoli florets, blanched
Cooking fat of your choice, avocado oil or ghee
Thin slice chicken breasts to about ¼ and ⅛ inch thin. Season them with ingredients under ‘chicken and seasonings’. Mix well and set aside in the fridge while preparing other ingredients. Stir well ‘Stir-Fry Sauce’ until there are no lumps. Prepare garlic, ginger, and scallions. Hot water blanch or microwave broccoli florets for 1-2 minutes on high and set aside to cool/drain.