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Slow Cooker General Tso's Chicken

Slow Cooker General Tso's Chicken is a super easy meal with an amazing sweet and savory sauce with a little bit of heat! This is way better than takeout!

∙ Serves 5
4 Chicken breasts, boneless skinless
3 cloves Garlic
1/4 tsp Ginger, dry
1/2 cup Hoisin sauce
2 tbsp Soy sauce
Baking & Spices
1/2 cup Brown sugar
1/4 cup Cornstarch
1/2 tsp Red pepper
Oils & Vinegars
3 tbsp Rice wine vinegar
1 tsp Sesame oil
1 tbsp Vegetable oil
Optional garnish (green onions, sesame seeds, additional red pepper flakes)

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